Pelle secca sul

the face:

cause e rimedi

La pelle secca sul viso può essere motivo di disagio e frustrazione. Scopri di più sulle sue cause, i migliori trattamenti e i nostri consigli per prevenirlo.

Dry skin on the face: cause e rimedi


Dry skin on the face can be frustrating and painful, leading to symptoms like itchy skin, small fine, flakes and cracks in the skin’s surface. But there are some simple skin care steps you can take to help keep your skin healthy, nourished and moisturized.


What causes dry skin on the face ?


Dry skin is caused when the skin’s protective barrier, made up of lipids containing natural oils like sebum, is weakened.

Genetic factors like hormones during the menopause and ageing can cause natural dryness. But environnemental factors like cold weather, overheated houses, hot baths and showers or an inappropriate skin care routine can also cause your skin to dry out.

For example, using a soap that is too harsh for the skin on your face will strip the skin of its natural oils. Without these oils, which form part of the skin’s protective layer of lipids, your skin is less effective at retaining moisture and can become dry.


Can stress cause dry skin?


All emotions pass through our central nervous system, which is directly linked to our skin. As such, stress can have a strong influence on the condition of our skin.

At its worst, this can result in skin conditions that cause the face, body and hands to be itchy and sore. At a less severe level, stress can also cause symptoms like mild redness, sensitive skin and rough, dry skin.


How should I treat dry skin on my face overnight?


The drier our skin, the more it needs oils to help strengthen its protective layer of lipids.

At night, begin by washing your face gently with an oil-based cleanser. Darphin’s oil-based Aromatic Cleansing Balm has a honey-like texture which leaves the skin hydrated and supple without stripping it of protective oils.

After cleansing, apply an oil-based skin care treatment to help support your skin’s natural protective layer and keep in moisture. Our hydra-nourishing Rose Aromatic Care elixir uses plant oils and essential oils to reinforce the skin’s protective barrier, nourishing, softening and plumping dry skin.

After an oil-based treatment, use a cream to moisturize your skin.


Which vitamins are good for dry skin?


Vitamins A, B, C and specifically vitamin E provide some of the best treatment for dry skin.

Fatty acids can also help nourish dry skin. These include omega 3 and 6 (the essential fatty acids which the body doesn’t naturally produce) and omega 9.

Oily fish, nuts and avocados are natural sources of the good vitamins and fatty acids listed above and will help nourish your skin. You can also use beauty products that list these good vitamins in their ingredients.


How do you rehydrate dry skin on the face properly?


The obvious remedy for dry skin is a moisturizing cream. But, as well as hydrating your dry skin, it’s important to focus on strengthening the skin’s protective layer.

This will help your skin hold in moisture and prevent it becoming dry in the future.

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