skin care:

how does it work?

Learn how probiotic skincare treatments can help rescue fatigued, reactive skin and restore health, comfort and balance.

Probiotic skin care: What are probiotics?

Probiotics or "good bacteria" refer to microorganisms that help maintain balance in the skin’s protective layer. Probiotic is a bacterial component that nurture the microbiome, a community of organisms present on skin’s surface. Microbiome plays a protective role and is an integral part of the barrier function of our skin.

In a daily skincare routine, probiotic products help rescue tired, weakened, stressed and unbalanced skin, and restore it to health when needed.


how does it work?

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that support the production of good bacteria in the body. They help to maintain the delicate ecosystem by fighting the bad bacteria. Good bacteria are microorganisms that help protect. the harmony of the skin, which is defined by balance of the good bacteria, the bad bacteria and the integrity of the skin barrier.


How can probiotics help with skincare?

Just like in our stomachs and intestine, the skin contains an ecosystem known as a microbiota, filled with bacteria.

Our own personal mix of bacteria is called a microbiome and is as unique as a fingerprint. When our microbiome is healthy,good and bad bacteria work in harmony to form a living coat of protection on the skin.

However, when imbalances between these bacteria occur, our microbiome’s protective quality is reduced.

Probiotics can help treat imbalances in the skin’s protective barrier of bacteria by boosting good bacteria, and improve skin health.


What causes an imbalance in our skin’s microbiome?

Imbalances in the skin’s microbiome occur when bad bacteria become more dominant than good bacteria.

This can be a result of exposure to a number of internal and external stressors including over-washing the skin, pollution, sun exposure, certain medicines and stress.


How do I know if my skin would benefit from probiotics?

When the skin’s microbiome is healthy, skin feels calm, comfortable and balanced.

When the skin’s microbiome is destabilised, skin becomes tired, sensitive and prone to a number of skin conditions. Depending on your skin type, the skin may have an uneven complexion with red or oily patches. It could also feel uncomfortable, itchy and tight.

Unbalanced skin is also quickly over-saturated with products and is more intolerant and reactive than normal, as it cannot rely on its normal protective barrier to keep irritants out.  Using probiotic products helps to restore the skin’s protective barrier, and return imbalanced skin to health.


How can I use probiotics in my skincare routine?

After using a gentle cleanser, hydrate the skin with Darphin’s Stimulskin Plus multicorrective divine splash mask lotion. This rejuvenating lotion helps plump and smooth the skin, with natural ingredients like Sea Emerald and rebalancing probiotics. To apply, pour a few drops into the palms of your hands and gently press on to the face and neck.

Follow with our Intral Rescue Super Concentrate serum to rebalance the ecosystem of skin with a stabilized microbiome to get a healthy–looking skin.

Finish with a moisturiser like our Exquisage Beauty Revealing Cream. With skin-strengthening probiotics this cream protects and replenishes leaving skin feeling soothed and comfortable. Apply a small amount to the face and neck, massaging upwards in the morning and at night.